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Welcome back to Alert Level 2! Hopefully this is only for a short time and we will see you back at the theatre before we know it. At least we managed to stage our very successful season of “Things My Mother Taught Me” in July.

Many thanks to everyone who supported this long-awaited production as your patronage has helped boost our funds for the year.

Due to Covid 19 we will only be able to stage two productions this year and like many theatres, we have had to adjust the programme to suit.

Next Production: “The Jailhouse Frocks”

A comedy by Devon Williamson and directed by Ryan Burnell.

We have produced two of Devon’s plays previously (The Old People are Revolting and Menopause Made Me Do It) and Ryan is the award-winning director of our 2019 Homeland which won play of the year at the Regional Theatre Awards last February.

Auditions: this Sunday August 30th at 7pm, Foxton Little Theatre.

Synopsis: Shattering dim-witted Officer Dwayne’s tranquil evening at the Police Station is the arrest of three unlikely women. The already chaotic situation descends into mayhem as the night progresses, leaving Officer Dwayne wondering how on earth he’s managed to make the arrest of his career.

Cast required: 3 females and 2 males

Cathy, Elena and Officer Dwayne (30-50ish)

Tony and Gloria (20-40ish).

This play will be staged in November.

For further details please contact Colleen O’Leary on 063636050 or 022 0283355

Coming soon, for one night only:

Comedy: DJ Trump & Alexander Sparrow

Foxton Little Theatre, Main St, Foxton, Horowhenua

Sunday 13 September 2020 7:00pm – 9:15pm . Buy your tickets on Eventfinda

Two hit comedy shows, one hilarious night!

DJ Trump:

See public Trump at a rally AND private Trump in therapy! The Don's had a hard life – he’s never fitted in, his dad hated him, and he’s in a minority group (the top 1%). After taking control of America, he digs deep and realises it’s time to take control of his own life. In his 74th year, he will finally ignore his parent’s expectations and pursue his childhood dreams of becoming a hip-hop recording artist.

Alexander Sparrow:

In times like these, you need brutal comedy. Comedy that will sear itself into your brain. Comedy that will make you laugh, wonder afterwards if what you laughed at was alright to laugh at, then realise it doesn’t matter because hey, it’s a comedy show, it was a joke, for god's sake, and you need to laugh so you don’t cry. Alexander Sparrow is a multi-award-winning stand-up comedian. Expect fast-paced one-liners, killer crowd work, and no holds barred comedy with bite.

Produced by Sparrow & Boyle Entertainment


This is not a Foxton Little Theatre production so bookings are made through Eventfinda

Regional Theatre Awards, Palmerston North, 14th Feb.

What an amazing night for Foxton Little Theatre with 11 awards including best play, best male and female actor, best director and debut director ... the list goes on! Great work everyone. Here is the full list of our award winners:

Original Script and Production (New NZ Full Length Plays):
Gone to Seed Tim Hambleton directed by Colleen O'Leary
Concept and Design (Play): Carl Terry Butterflies are Free,
Debut Director: Ryan Burnell Home Land,
Direction (Play): Carl Terry Butterflies are Free,
Emerging Performer (Play): Sophie Taylor (Sophie Mason) Home Land, Connection Between Characters (Play): Ryan Burnell (Don Baker) & Allie Clifford (Jill Tanner) Butterflies are Free, Male Supporting Actor (Play): Mike Pyefinch (Paul Mason) Home Land, Female supporting actor: Chris Archer-Lockwood (Sandra) Gone to Seed , Male Actor (Play): Carl Terry (Grandpop, Ken Taylor) Homeland,
Female Actor (Play): Allie Clifford (Jill Tanner) Butterflies are Free and of course The Play of 2019: Homeland.

Congratulations also to Levin Little Theatre for their awards with Shrek the Musical. A great night for the Horowhenua!

Foxton Little Theatre

11 Main Street, Foxton. Horowhenua, New Zealand

Who We Are

The Foxton Little Theatre is a not-for profit organisation that produces live theatre for Foxton and the surrounding communities. As a community based theatre organisation, we produce three to four productions a season, where all members of the public are encouraged to participate and audition. As a non-for profit organisation, we rely greatly on the support of our private and corporate membership to assist with all areas of the production.



Foxton and the Foxton Little Theatre History

The Foxton Little Theatre is the oldest building still in use in Foxton. It was built in 1867 by George Nye as the Presbyterian Church. The first minister was Rev. James Duncan who had originally worked as a missionary to the Maori at Te Marie and Te Awahou. In 1861 he was inducted as minister to the European settlers and remained as Presbyterian minister until 1897.

In 1970, the Union of the Methodist and Presbyterian congregations meant the church was no longer needed and was eventually sold to the Little Theatre.

To learn more about the township of Foxton, please visit  

Photos supplied by the Foxton Historical Society


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