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Foxton Little Theatre

11 Main Street, Foxton. Horowhenua, New Zealand

Who We Are

The Foxton Little Theatre is a not-for profit organisation that produces live theatre for Foxton and the surrounding communities. As a community based theatre organisation, we produce three to four productions a season, where all members of the public are encouraged to participate and audition. As a non-for profit organisation, we rely greatly on the support of our private and corporate membership to assist with all areas of the production.



Foxton and the Foxton Little Theatre History

The Foxton Little Theatre is the oldest building still in use in Foxton. It was built in 1867 by George Nye as the Presbyterian Church. The first minister was Rev. James Duncan who had originally worked as a missionary to the Maori at Te Marie and Te Awahou. In 1861 he was inducted as minister to the European settlers and remained as Presbyterian minister until 1897.

In 1970, the Union of the Methodist and Presbyterian congregations meant the church was no longer needed and was eventually sold to the Little Theatre.

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Photos supplied by the Foxton Historical Society


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