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Hey Members!
Great to see so many smiling faces at our last meeting.
To get rid of any confusion (like last time) our next meeting is MONDAY, 21st MAY, 2011 at 7pm

There are going to be a few people away so we need everyone else to be there on time so we can get this underway!

Committee Members News

This page will be dedicated to news for specific committees and projects organised by the theatre at its montly meetings.  The next committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, 19 April 2010. If you have information, status or updates from any of the committees and would like them added to the website, please e-mail them to [email protected]

The committees are:

Production/Programme: C. Terry (Co-ordinator), M. Fearson, N. Webb, G. Anstis, C. O'Leary, S. McGhie, and L. Reid  

Membership/Fundraising: L. Reid (Co-ordinator), M. Fearson, N. Webb, S. McGhie and G. Anstis

Building/Grounds: L. Giles (Co-ordinator), B. Meinders, W. Ravelich, and D. Rean

Publicity/Public Relations: C. Terry (Co-ordinator), C. Allan, C. O'Leary and S. Jeric

Kitchen/FOH: L. Giles, C. Hoggart, C. Allan and F. Teal

President's Report 2009

This is the annual report of the Society's activities for its 65th year, a year of both artistic and financial success, but a year which also had its sadder moments.

Earlier in the year, our Patron Elsie Trotman passed aways. Elsie who, along with her husband Gordon, was a very active member for many years. As a student member I recall Elise's suppers, front of house activities, the fur coats and gloves on opening nights, which was many years ago. Her passing brings to an end the association with the Society's "good old days" era.

Then, after a short illness, our honorary gardener, table decorator and President's support, Vicky died. It has been gratifying to see the first two of her contributions being taken up with enthusiasm by other members. I will not elaborate further on the third.

On the artistic front a full year's programme of three productions was mounted. The first being Colleen O'Leary's production of "Sisters", a hilarious risque New Zealand play which attracted huge audiences and very positive reaction. The director and largely female cast are to be congratulated on such a professional production as the year's opener.

"Look, No Hans" directed by guest director Russell Aitken was our next offering. Among the cast we welcomed back Jenny Fon, Russell Ward and Mark Hofmann to our stage, and introduced young new comer Lousia Pescini. While there were early teething problems during rehearsals with cast comings and goings, perseverance paid off in the end and the show went successfully on. Thanks must go to Gay Anstis, who as director's assistant, played no small part in keeping the train on the rails. While profitable, the production did not attract the level of audience of "Sisters", winter's nights and recession having their influence.

The final production for the year was, "The Christmas Spirit", a black comedy piece on what happens when death comes calling on Christmas Eve, directed by your President. We were pleased to welcome brother and sister newcomers to our stage Shannon and Logan Scully for this production both of whom excelled themselves in their respective roles. It was also gratifying to welcome back Wayne Ravelich on lighting and De-Anna Rean on sound for this production and of whom we hope to see a lot more in the theatre.

Early in the year we were invited to participate in the annual Globe Theatre Awards which we accepted. The awards have been running for some five years and covers Societies from Pahiatua, Feilding, Palmerston North, Levin and now Foxton. Every production mounted by these groups is adjudicated by an independent judge and winners announced at a special eveing in February.

Of the 20 available nominations for theatre during 2009, five of them went to the Foxton Little Theatre. For a society of our size and limited resources this was an outstanding achievement in our first year of competition. Stephanie Thomas and Jenny Fon were both nomiated for Best Actress, Colleen O'Leary and Carl Terry nominated for Best Direction of a Play, and Carl Terry nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Play. My congratulations to the nominees for doing us proud.

On the night, the Foxton Little Theatre won "Best Direction of a Play" for "The Christmas Spirit" and merit awards for "Most Promising Young Performer" to Logan Scully in "The Christmas Spirit" and "Best Scenic Design" for "Sisters".

In September, between our shows, St. Mary's School hired the theatre to perform their bi-annual production which was a huge success from all reports. The school is to be acknowledged for the tidy condition in which they left the premises.

All in all a successful and rewarding year artistically, but not without a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work and as if often the case in small societies, by a relatively small proportion of our membership.

Producing a theatrical event requires commitment. The hours of preparation and rehearsal precludes participants from almost all other spare time activity for a 10-12 week period. Today it is becoming increasingly difficult particularly in a small town to muster the numebrs with the availabilty or commitment to theatre.

Sadly the first production of 2010 has had to be cancelled for these reasons. Attempts to cast two different small cast plays were unsuccessful. We have a "catch 22" situation where either the parts are too large in a small cast production for the level of the actors' confidence or being unable to recruit sufficient new faces for larger casts where the roles are less demanding.

The remainder of the 2010 programme is still planned to proceed with Rhys Mills scheduled to direct a midyear farce and Colleen O'Leary has put her hand up to direct a Pantomime at the end of the year.

Other Activity:

Building plans proceeded with an application being lodged with the council for the consent to attach the "classroom" to the main building. This was withdrawn when it was discovered that council would require additional facilities information ont he exisiting building as well. This could potentially incur huge expense to meet current building consent requirements on the existing building, money we don't have. It was decided to resubmit the application as a permanent stand alone structure which the council is happy to entertain. We await developments.

On the maintenance front, three new flats were constructed to add to existing stock, many of which have now seen better days.

Some $400 was expended on stage lighting, largely repairs and lamp replacements and now brings into operation more spots and floods which had previously been out of service due to lack of maintenance.

A new second hand stove was purchased to replace on the exisiting relics. The second one also needs replacing and this scheduled to be in done in 2010.

A working bee was held to rid the premises of surplus paraphernalia and junk, of which we seem to continously collect more, while Lillian's Giles husband effected repairs to piles, holes in the floor and a more stable back step.

Both the men's and women's wardrobe received a thorough clean out and Christine and her helpers are to be thanked for what are now spacious and tidy rooms where more than one actor at a time can change without baning into each other.

With the return on Foxton's Spring Fling to the Main Street, your committee saw an opportunity to open the theatre on the day and fundraise by serving Devonshire teas. Its popularity raised over $300. Thanks to Marie for organizing her band of helpers and scone bakers.

I would like to acknowledge our international member, Sasa Jeric for the creation, development and ongoing managment of our web site. It was on Sasa's own initiative that we have this site and the society thanks him for the time he devotes to it. I remind members to regularly check in and contribute to is ongoing success.


I would like to record my thanks to the Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and active committee members for your support and commitment to the society. I have thoroughly enjoyed being your President for the last 5 years and wish the incoming executive and committee every success for the future. Because my personal future plans are uncertain I will not committ to something I may be unable to fulfill. For that reason I am not seeking re-election as President.


Carl Terry; President



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