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Who We Are

The Foxton Little Theatre is a not-for profit organisation that produces live theatre for Foxton and the surrounding communities. As a community based theatre organisation, we produce three to four productions a season, where all members of the public are encouraged to participate and audition. As a non-for profit organisation, we rely greatly on the support of our private and corporate membership to assist with all areas of the production.

There are four levels of membership open to the community: Family memberships for those living under one address; Single memberships for individuals; Student memberships for local primary and secondary aged students; and Corporate memberships for local business.

For more information, please contact Colleen O'Leary, the President of the Foxton Little Theatre.

Executive and Committee Members

The Foxton Little Theatre is made up of an Executive and Committee members that form specific committees for various projects and productions. The Executive and Committee members are nominated at the AGM held each March at the theatre.

Committee 2015

President:                                        Colleen O’Leary                              

Vice Presidents – Senior                       Carl Terry                                       

                    -Junior                       Rhys Mills                                        Secretary                                       Carolyn Allan                                  

Treasurer                                       Marie Fearon                                  


Committee                                            Allie Clifford              Rhys Mills    

                                                         Nathan Webb             Lizz Reid    

                                                         S. McGhie                 Aston Kauri                   

                                                         Rachael Cousins          Lisa Collinson   

                                                         Chris Rawlingson         Sheryl Rogers  

                                                         Wayne Ravelich                             


Minutes of 70th Annual General Meeting of Foxton Little Theatre

held in the Theatre, Main Street, Foxton on 2015 at 2.10p.m.

Present: M.Fearon, C. Terry, C. Allan, R. Cousins, R. Mills, S.Rogers, C. O’Leary, F. Teal, C. Rawlingson, L. Collinson.

Apologies: A. Clifford, N. Webb, W. Ravelich, L.Reid, S. McGhie, D. Allan.          Fearon/Mills

Minutes: As circulated be taken as a true and correct record of the AGM of 2014.


Financial Report:

That the Auditor’s report and audited statements as circulated be accepted.          


That Tony Hunt be retained as Honorary Auditor.                                   Fearon/Cousins

President’s Report: That the Report as delivered by Carl Terry covering our 70th year of operation be accepted.                                                                                                  Terry/Fearon

Election of Officers:

As the President was not making himself available for re-election, he retained the Chair.

Preseident:                                       Colleen O’Leary                               Terry/Allan

VicePresidents – Senior                  Carl Terry                                        Allan/O’Leary

                          -Junior                    Rhys Mills                                        O’Leary/Teal

Secretary                                         Carolyn Allan                                   Fearon/Terry

Treasurer                                         Marie Fearon                                   O’Leary/Terry

Committee                                       Allie Clifford                                     Cousins/Mills

                                                         Rhys Mills                                        Teal/Terry

                                                         Nathan Webb                                   Fearon/O’Leary

                                                         Lizz Reid                                          Terry/Allan            

                                                         S. McGhie                                       Fearon/Terry

                                                         Aston Kauri                                      Allan/Terry

                                                         Rachael Cousins                             O’Leary/Terry

                                                         Lisa Collinson                                   O’Leary/Fearon

                                                         Chris Rawlingson                             O’Leary/Terry

                                                         Sheryl Rogers                                  Terry/Allan

                                                         Wayne Ravelich                              O’Leary/Terry

That these nominations form the committee subject to their consent.    Terry/Fearon


General Business:

    1. That subscriptions remain at their 2013 level.         Terry/Cousins
    2. There are no suggested constitutional changes.
    3. That a vote of thanks be given to outgoing President for the work he has done in the role of President (and set builder, building maintenance supervisor/worker, maintenance man, back stage support worker, directorial support, jack-of-all trades etc.).

Meeting closed:  2.25 p.m.


………………………………….. President      ………………………………….. Date

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